When you get into an accident, keep in mind it is not something you would want to happen. However, you need to do what is needed to do next and that is hire a personal injury lawyer. There are a lot of personal injury lawyers and you would need to make a selection so you will end up with the best possible choice for your case. You can get referrals from your friends who you trust so you won’t end with someone who is a dud. Better look at the lawyer’s past cases so you would know what to expect from the counsel when it is time to get down to business. Here are a few questions you must ask each lawyer you have your eyes on:

What will happen next?

The process will be a long one so you would want to know what will happen next. You would want to know where you will go and the documents you would need to sign. Of course, the defendant would not give you the money right away. If it works out that way then personal injury lawyers would not have jobs right now.. It is possible you would want to make a schedule of the things you will need to do so that you can make room for them if you are a bit busy with a ton of meetings on your plate. You would not need to think twice about having people try and schedule meetings that are in conflict when you need to go to a hearing. It is about to go down

How much will I get?

Your hospital and medicine bills will pile up so you must know how much you are going to get from the defendant. The attorney can only assume how much you are going to get as the judge will make the final decision. As much as possible, you would not want to spend for anything in this situation. After all, none of it is your fault so the person who caused the injury should be liable for all the damages. There will be a ton of computation so you will find out if the amount the defendant will pay will match the amount you will need to pay for the hospital and medicine bills. Yes, prepare to have a calculator by your side because it is going to be a long night. Also, you would want to have an amount in mind and see if the defendant would agree to that or not.

How much would you want?

There are times when the Charleston lawyer would want a commission of the amount you are going to get from the defendant. Aside from that, the lawyer can also demand an acceptance fee. It depends on the level of expertise of the person you are going to hire. One thing is for sure, this is not one time where you would want to save money because a lot is on the line when you are taking on the person who caused a minor or major injury to your body. Remember, we all have just one body so we must do everything in our power to take good care of it. When someone damages it, it is even possible it won’t be restored to where it once was so you deserve a lot more than what you are supposed to get. In fact, it is possible no amount can pay for a broken hand as that will take time to heal. When you would need to undergo therapy, imagine the time you will need to spend for that.

What is needed from me?

You may be required to do quite a few things or even let the lawyer xerox them for you like your ID. Of course, since you are injured you would not need to do that as that would be quite a big of a hassle. You will most likely need to pay the lawyer right now if you are incapable to do so. The lawyer will explain to you the payment terms and it would be up to you whether you will accept it or not. This is the part where you would know what you would need to contribute for the case to be won. It is all that matters because if you don’t want to win then you should not be here. The counsel would want to win and he or she is in it until the very end.

How long will this last?

This will go from several months up to a year but you can grow impatient from time to time. Therefore, it is important to know from the start how long this is going to last. You would want a clear estimate so you would not need to expect too much. There will be a ton of cancellations too because the weather can be bad or one of the participants can get sick. When that happens, this will become longer and you would want to get it over and done with as soon as possible. Of course, not everything will go according to plan and you would need to adjust to what happens each time. When someone cancels, you just need to accept it and move on. It is going to be over one way or the other. When that happens is anybody’s guess.

Once you get favorable answers from all of the above questions, you know you have a keeper with you. You would want this person to represent you in the coming months. We all know it is going to be a long and grueling process. It is possible you are going to win or even lose the case but you must ensure the counsel will do his or her best for you to come out on top of the case. Besides, you would want to do what needs to be done in order to win. It is not because you are competitive but because you want to win.

While looking for a personal injury lawyer, try to find out more about the level of experience with similar issues. Since many lawyers offer free consultations to discuss the basic circumstances of the case, you may be asking the question that helps indicate that your lawyer or firm will be right for your needs.

Have you handled a personal injury case?

Not to forget asking this question, it is important to know whether the professional has handled the cases similar to your case. If it is their first case, they will have less and insufficient knowledge of the laws. In fact, if they are fresher in this field they may not be of great help. You assume that you have a really terrible case with strong injuries and painful damages for matters like this is advisable that you should not compromise on your case instead of handing over the case to the expert who is already into the field for a very long time. A personal injury attorney Spartanburg SC is experienced in handling similar cases from the past many years. They may also be aware of the local laws, so they can give you better and much-briefed advice.

Are you able to handle this problem?

Good attorneys will always be honest with you if they know their limits they can tell you whether the case is easy to handle or really complicated. They will devote their time, effort, knowledge, expertise and every other sort of thing on the case that they can actually handle. So make sure you ask them this question. The right professional will sign and get ready for the case only if they feel that it is possible to represent in the court. If they feel that the case is not strong and doesn’t really get the attention required, they can clearly express this point to you and make sure you are going on the right track.

Who Will Be Handling The Case?

Your attorney you communicate in the initial consultation is not necessary the professional who will handle up your case, they have a team or you can consider them as the staff who look on the further proceedings. These professionals are just mean to provide advice; the rest work is done by their staff from collecting evidence to interviewing, negotiation and to the courtroom too. So it is better if there is any staff who will be handling your case further, you could interview the staff too, just to know whether they deserve your case or no. if you feel that the attorney you interviewed was better but the staff isn’t up to the mark, you can switch to the new better one.

How Do You Make Communication With The Client?

Most of the attorneys prefer phone or email conversations with their clients, while some only believe in face to face communication. So it is important to learn how you can get in contact with them. If they prefer face to face communication, you need to make sure that they are local attorneys because only then you will be able to reach them or they will be able to reach you whenever necessary. If it is found that the attorney only replies via mail or call then it can be a little problematic because you cannot expect the quick response from them through professional emails. So ask them when will be the right time to call them or mail them fit is urgent.

What Are The Fees Charged?

The most important question s affordability, it is good to know whether the professional you are going to hire is highly affordable or no, if they are not affordable you will have to think of the next professional interview. Remember; don’t go by the money, the inexperienced one will charge you comparatively less than the experienced ones. If you focus on the experience term you will notice that the personal injury attorney Spartanburg sc will charge you high but their service guarantee will be far better than the inexperienced professional.


Whenever you go to a free consultation, do not forget to ask questions that may indicate that the company will be suitable for your specific circumstances. The first office you call or do not feel pressured to travel, especially if you feel inexperienced in managing issues like yours.