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Cell phones are a staple of most peoples lives. Such mobile devices are used not only to communicate but perform countless other important functions. Though traffic law stipulates that motorists should not be utilizing said contraptions for any purpose while driving their vehicles, many still do.

Unfortunately, however, drivers who get caught are often administered NY traffic tickets that could cost them significant amounts of money. Fortunately, motorists can fight cell phone tickets in New York and, with the help of a competent and experienced traffic ticket attorney, might have these penalties reduced or possibly get the associated charges dismissed altogether.

The Value Of Fighting These Tickets

Many ticketed individuals fail to realize that they have the legal right to plead not guilty to the associated charges in traffic court. Merely relenting and remitting the fine might cost someone several hundred dollars depending on factors, such as their driving record and how many previous offenses they have incurred.

Moreover, cell phone violation charges could yield points on the motorist’s license. Should enough points accumulate for this and other traffic infractions, the motorist’s license could be suspended. Additionally, their auto insurance premiums could skyrocket.

The Ticket-Challenging Process

If the motorist in question opts to challenge cell phone tickets in New York, the process’s first step is formally entering a plea of not guilty to the presiding court. Typically, this action is done in person. However, should the defendant be unable to appear in court, not guilty pleas entered online or through snail mail might be accepted.

In certain cases, the ticketing law enforcement officer might not appear in court. In such instances, an experienced attorney might be able to persuade the presiding judge to dismiss the charges. Should the officer in question be present, a lawyer might attempt to have their client’s charges reduced or formulate some type of defense argument.

Experienced cell phone ticket attorneys might employ defensive strategies, such as:

  • Inquiring if the officer in question possesses any type of visual proof demonstrating the an offense actually took place
  • Procuring eyewitnesses who could refute the officer’s claims
  • Discerning of the accused should be excused if the accused was executing an emergency call
  • Refuting the charges using evidence like cell phone records or GPS technology

These are only common defenses. Every motorist’s case is different and other stipulations might to each individual proceeding.

Final Considerations

Though NY traffic tickets for cell phone use violations can be difficult to challenge, the process is not impossible. However, the prospect for a favorable outcome will be significantly increased with the assistance of an experienced traffic ticket lawyer.

If you are a Utah resident and looking for a criminal defense attorney, you should know that there are specific questions you will have ask your lawyer for you to be sure that you are working with the right lawyer. Failure to do this, you may end up getting an incompetent lawyer, and this may affect your case; hence you may end up losing the case. Criminal cases are exceptionally delicate, and because of this, you wouldn’t want to go for a lawyer you aren’t sure will help you through the case and help you win it. So with these questions, you will be guaranteed that whichever lawyer you have settled for is the right lawyer for your case.

Questions to ask your Criminal Defense Attorney in Utah

How long have you been in the field as well as practiced criminal law?

This is a very important question when it comes to inquiring about the experience of the lawyer in criminal law. This will enable you to know how many criminal law cases he has handled and how many successful cases related to yours he has also handled. This will give you confidence that he can handle your case. Always choose to go for one who has many years of experience in cases similar to yours. This way, you will be guaranteed that you have a higher chance of winning your case.

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Which specialized area of law do you have?

Criminal law is very wide, it covers a variety of other cases, some specialize in murder, and some specialize in drugs and many others. So if you find a lawyer that has specialized in a case similar to yours, then that is an added advantage. This will not only boost your confidence in the case, but you may also end up winning the Case. However, you have to make sure that they have practiced whatever they are specialized in several times.

What are your rates?

Most criminal lawyers give flat fees to their clients. Even if the prices differ, it will be in a small range. Some of these prices are different, and this is because of the geographic location as well as the availability of these lawyers in your area of residence. Some of these rates are calculated on hourly charges, and that is why you need to inquire about the rates so that you can know the total amount you will be paying your lawyer. Once you know the rates, it will also be easier for you to determine whether you will go for the lawyer or look for one with slightly cheaper rates. However, the rates shouldn’t be your determining factor when looking for a criminal lawyer.

Are you the only one who will work on my case?

This is very important, especially if you want to save some money. This is because the lawyer will partly work on your case, while most of the work will be delegated to his associates. However, if your case is very sensitive and would prefer to be handled by only one person, then you can as well choose a lawyer who will always be available for the entire period of the case. This way, you will ha e prevented the leaks and cracks that may have been brought by the associates.

How often will we be communicating?

While facing criminal charges, you will want to have a lawyer that will always be available whenever needed. You want a lawyer that you can call and talk to him whenever an issue about the case arises. You should, therefore, ask this question to know of the kind of a lawyer you are choosing will always be available when needed. In addition to that, the lawyer should also provide you with a convenient form of communication; this way, you will be sure that you can always reach him whenever you need him.

The above questions are very vital when choosing a lawyer. As a Utah resident, there is nothing as good as finding a good lawyer of you a criminal case before you. Utah criminal lawyers are some of the best lawyers. However, not all of them are the best, some can mess up your case, and that is why you should use the above questions as often as possible while looking for a criminal defense attorney.